Heart-Healthy Firefighter Program


America’s firefighters and emergency services personnel save lives and property as first responders to man-made and natural disasters, but these responders face a great, although often ignored, risk. Every year, around half of all firefighter deaths are attributed to heart attacks, which is the leading cause of on-duty firefighter fatalities.

The NVFC launched the Heart-Healthy Firefighter Program in 2003 to combat this alarming trend through education, awareness, and resources. The Heart-Healthy Firefighter Program promotes fitness, nutrition, and health awareness for all members of the fire and emergency services, both volunteer and career. Resources are designed to help individuals take control of their health as well as help departments implement a health and wellness program.

It is critical to know your health and do what you can to minimize your risks so you can be there for those who depend on you – your family, your department, and your community. By staying heart strong, you will maximize your abilities as a first responder and be ready for the next call.

Resources available through the program include:

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