Heart-Healthy Firefighter Program


Heart attack is the leading cause of on-duty firefighter fatalities, accounting for around half of all firefighter deaths each year. The NVFC launched the Heart-Healthy Firefighter Program in 2003 to combat this alarming trend through education, awareness, and resources. The Heart-Healthy Firefighter Program promotes fitness, nutrition, and health awareness for all members of the fire and emergency services, both volunteer and career.

Resources available through the Program include:

  • Resources for starting and implementing a health and wellness program in your fire/EMS department
  • Trade show booth with free resources
  • Information on heart health, fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle choices
  • Health and wellness challenges to help motivate your department
  • Online courses to educate first responders about important health and wellness topics
  • Securing Sponsors for Department Health and Wellness Programs, a toolkit for finding funding to support a wellness program in your department
  • Heart-Healthy Firefighter Resource Guide
  • Smoking cessation resources
  • Success stories from first responders from across the country who have succeeded in getting heart healthy

Visit www.healthy-firefighter.org to find the resources and tools to keep you and your department heart strong and ready for the next call.