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NVFC Support Fund Helps Responders in Need

Sep 10, 2021: Projections show the damage caused by Hurricane Ida may total $95 billion. Emergency responders were among the victims of this destruction. The Louisiana State Firemens Association estimates 6,300...
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NVFC Receives FP&S Grant to Focus on Volunteer Emergency Responder Health and Safety

Sep 10, 2021: The National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC) has been awarded a Fire Prevention and Safety (FP&S) grant by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to further its firefighter health and safety...
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NVFC Issues Joint Statement on Protecting and Preserving the EMS Workforce from COVID-19

Sep 7, 2021: The NVFC, along with other major national fire and EMS organizations, has issued a Joint Statement on Protecting and Preserving the Emergency Medical Services Workforce in the Face of COVID Surge. The...
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Download the Recruitment & Retention Edition of Firefighter Strong

Sep 7, 2021: The NVFC has released a special recruitment and retention edition of the Firefighter Strong newsletter, which was mailed to all volunteer and combination fire departments in the U.S. If you missed the...
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Tell Congress to Fund the Fire Station Construction Grants!

Sep 7, 2021: The Fire Station Construction Grants Act (H.R. 3728) would authorize a one-time $1 billion appropriation to help local fire and EMS agencies modify, upgrade, and build new stations or training...
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Free for a Limited Time – Putting Out the Fire: Stress Resilience Strategies

Sep 7, 2021: Stress is an underlying risk factor that affects a majority of the population, especially first responders. Do you know what types of stressors exist? Do you know the types of stressors to which you...
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