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NVFC Announces 2019 Award Winners

Mar 19, 2019: The National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC) is pleased to announce the 2019 winners of its four national fire service awards. Wylie Donaldson, Jr., will receive the Lifetime Achievement Award,...
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Fire Service Organizations Issue Anti-Harassment, Bullying, and Discrimination Statement

Mar 19, 2019: Members of the fire and emergency services pledge to serve and protect their communities from hazards of all kinds. Yet instances of bullying, harassment, and discrimination within the emergency...
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NVFC Not Soliciting Funds By Phone

Mar 19, 2019: The NVFC does NOT solicit donations from anyone via phone. The National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC), a national, nonprofit organization dedicated to providing a voice for volunteer firefighters,...
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The Pain of Opioid Responses

Mar 19, 2019: Responses to opioid emergencies are far from routine. What used to be purely medical responses have now turned into potentially complex incidents requiring a high level of situational awareness. This...
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Free Course: Obesity in the Fire Service

Mar 19, 2019: Diabetes Alert Day is March 26, and firefighters are at risk for diabetes as well as obesity, which is a risk factor for diabetes. The NVFC has made the course Obesity in the Fire Service FREE for a...
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You Could See Chase Rice Live at the Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire Concert for Volunteer Firefighters

Mar 19, 2019: NVFC partner Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire is proud to present the Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire concert for volunteer firefighters – featuring an exclusive performance from country music star...
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