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Planning a Training Program

Jan 6, 2019: As a new year begins, this is a great time to evaluate your current department training program and make adjustments and changes as needed. In a new article for Fire Engineering, NVFC Health, Safety,...
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Free Course: Leadership for Volunteer Emergency Medical Services and Rescue Providers

Jan 6, 2019: Quality leadership is essential for the emergency medical and rescue services to face current and future challenges. The NVFC is offering the course Leadership for Volunteer Emergency Medical Services...
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Time Running Out! Submit Your Presentation Proposal for NVFC Training Summit

Jan 6, 2019: Have a presentation you would like to give at the NVFC Training Summit? Proposals from qualified instructors and speakers to present at the Summit are due January 20. The Summit takes place June 14-15...
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Apply for a Travel Stipend to Attend the NVFC Training Summit

Jan 6, 2019: NVFC members can apply for a travel stipend to attend the Training Summit, taking place June 14-15 in Portland, OR. The stipend will reimburse up to $600 per person for any combination of the...
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Follow the NVFC on Instagram

Jan 6, 2019: The NVFC is now on Instagram! Follow us at mynvfc to see what the NVFC office is doing for you as well as highlights from the nation’s volunteer fire and emergency services. Also check us out on...
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New Year, New Goals – And the NVFC Can Help!

Jan 6, 2019: As we head into 2019, it is a good time to map out new goals and changes you and your department want to achieve in the coming year. The National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC) is here to help! Whether...
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