We are stronger together, and we are strongest when healthy.

Firefighters are tough, but so are the challenges we face. Our service to our community can take a toll on our health, and oftentimes we forget that health and safety are key to being the best firefighter or EMT we can be. The National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC) provides the resources you need to serve strong.

The Challenge

In addition to the personal consequences, the health and safety choices you make affect your entire department as well as the community you serve. If you are unable to perform your duties due to injury or health concerns, your team suffers.

As first responders, we need to take care of ourselves so the public and our crew can count on us to be ready and able to respond when called.

Key Facts

Heart attacks cause over 50 percent of on duty firefighter deaths each year.

Cancer is quickly becoming one of the most dangerous threats to firefighters.

Over 320 firefighter and EMT suicides have been reported since 2014.

The top cause of firefighter injuries is overexertion/stress/medical, followed by vehicle crashes.

Serve Strong provides firefighters and EMTs with proven wellness programs and resources to help you prevent cancer, reduce heart attack risk, cope with behavioral health issues, and engage in safe practices on and off the fireground.