National Junior Firefighter Program: Resources For Departments

We are so glad that you are interested in starting a junior firefighter program! Fire, rescue, and EMS organizations can use the resources on this site to implement, expand, and encourage participation in their local youth program. Take advantage of these tools to set your program up for success and maximize its capabilities.

Starting a Program


Marketing and Recruitment


Liability and Safety Information

  • Sample Parental Consent Form – You can modify this form for use in your department. You should consult your department’s legal counsel, insurance carrier, and state association regarding specific policies in your department and laws in your state.
  • State Laws – Each state has different regulations and laws concerning the activities in which youth fire service volunteers are allowed to participate. Information can generally be found by visiting your state’s Department of Labor and investigating child labor laws. Your state fire association or state fire marshal’s office is also a good source for information.
  • Background Checks – Conducting background checks on new applicants and members can be a vital component of mitigating liability and risks associated with having juniors in your fire department.

Sample Documents

The sample documents below can be adapted for your department to help you implement and maintain your junior firefighter program.


Click here to learn more about the NVFC’s annual awards, including those for excellence in junior firefighting.