Firefighter Arson

Firefighter arson is a long-standing problem that impacts fire departments and communities across the nation. History suggests that firefighter arson is not a new phenomenon. In fact, the number of media reports suggests there are likely over 100 arrests per year. While this is still small in comparison to the over 1 million firefighters nationwide, the impact of these incidents is profound on the department, the community, and the fire setter.

The NVFC, with support from the U.S. Fire Administration and the NVFC Foundation and guidance from a work group comprised of arson investigators and fire service professionals, examined the issue and developed tools and resources to help prevent future cases of firefighter arson and guide departments through mitigation in the event an incident does happen. These include the Report on the Firefighter Arson Problem, the Firefighter Arson Prevention and Recovery Toolkit, a video, and an awareness poster.

Report on the Firefighter Arson Problem: Context, Considerations, and Best Practices
This report educates members of the fire service about the firefighter arson problem, highlights existing proactive approaches to address the issue, and provides resources and best practices for prevention and mitigation. Information is presented using previous research, news stories, and interviews with individuals directly affected by firefighter arson and a series of recommendations are provided to help the fire service more adequately address and prevent firefighter arson incidents.

Firefighter Arson Prevention and Recovery Toolkit

This toolkit is designed to help departments implement measures to prevent firefighter arson as well as help them navigate the aftermath of a firefighter arson incident. The toolkit provides sample documents including press materials, sample SOGs, checklists, and more. Additionally, two training presentations are included for firefighters and department leadership.

Download the toolkit below.

Firefighter Arson Video

This video takes a closer look at the firefighter arson problem, including interviews with a convicted firefighter arsonist, arson investigators, and department leaders, and addresses why some firefighters become arsonists and what departments can do to help prevent incidents.

Firefighter Arson Prevention Poster

Firefighter arson negatively impacts the department, community, and the fire setter. Hang this 18”x24” poster in the firehouse to remind members that arson is a crime with serious consequences.