Enter to Win! Scholarships, Grants, and Giveaways for the Fire and Emergency Services

The NVFC routinely partners on grants and giveaways to benefit the volunteer fire and emergency services. NVFC members can now apply for a scholarship to attend Columbia Southern University and for a travel stipend to attend the Recruitment & Retention Experience. Starting on June 1, the application period for the 2022 CHEMTREC® HELP Award and the second application period for the MSA Cairns® XF1 Fire Helmet Giveaway will be open.  

  • Columbia Southern University (CSU) Scholarship: CSU is giving away two scholarships to NVFC members to help them further their education. Each scholarship covers up to 60 credit hours toward one of CSU’s online degree programs. The application period is now open. Learn more and apply here. 
  • Recruitment & Retention Experience Stipends: The NVFC is hosting the next Recruitment & Retention Experience in Mesa, AZ, on September 16-17. NVFC members can apply for a travel stipend to reimburse up to $750 in costs to attend. Apply by June 15 for notification by July 10 or apply by July 15 for notification by August 10. Learn more and apply here. 
  • CHEMTREC® HELP (Hazmat Emergencies Local Preparedness) Award: Two NVFC members will receive a $10,000 grant to help their department enhance their response capabilities and increase local preparedness to respond to and prepare for hazardous materials incidents. The application period opens on June 1. Learn more here 
  • MSA Cairns® XF1 Fire Helmet Giveaway: MSA is giving away three Cairns® XF1 Fire Helmets to NVFC members in 2022. The second entry period opens on June 1, and one recipient will be awarded a helmet. The jet-style design of the helmet reduces snag hazards, provides a personalized fit, and houses its own integrated light module. Plus, the soft goods are removable, washable, and replaceable. Learn more here. 

Find out about all of the special opportunities open to volunteer firefighters, EMS providers, and rescue workers here. Many of these opportunities are available to NVFC members. Not a member? Join for just $21 at www.nvfc.org/join