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Back row, left to right: Meg Goldberg, Lori Moon, Kimberly Quiros, and Heather Schafer. Front row, left to right: Sarah Lee, Alyssa Dara, Dave Finger, Allison Moore, and Lorraine Higgins. Not pictured: Matt Piechocki

Heather Schafer, CAE

Chief Executive Officer
Extension 110
Heather Schafer joined the NVFC staff in 1993 and has served as the executive director/CEO since 1994. She manages all internal and external operations and plays an integral role in developing strategic vision for the organization. She previously worked for the chief of staff during the Clinton administration and for FEMA during Hurricane Andrew. Heather graduated from Ohio State University, received her masters degree in nonprofit and association management from the University of Maryland, and holds the certified association executive credential from ASAE. Heather is a member of the Odenton Volunteer Fire Company in Maryland.

Sarah Lee, CAE

Deputy Chief Executive
Extension 114
Sarah Lee assists Heather Schafer in administering the internal and staff operations of the NVFC. She is also the director of Fire Corps. Sarah comes from a family of career and volunteer firefighters and EMTs. With a masters degree in public administration and nonprofit management, Sarah has nearly 15 years of experience in the nonprofit sector, with most of those years spent serving the fire and emergency services.

David Finger

Chief of Legislative and Regulatory Affairs
Extension 112
Dave Finger is the point of contact for legislative, regulatory, and standards issues concerning the volunteer emergency services. He serves as the NVFC’s liaison with Congress and federal government agencies and advises the board and membership on governmental matters. Dave graduated from Michigan State University with a bachelor degree in political economy and received a masters degree in legislative affairs from The George Washington University. He spent several years working on Capitol Hill before joining the NVFC in 2005.

Kimberly Quiros

Chief of Communications
Extension 119
Kimberly Quiros joined the NVFC team in 2006. She is the main media contact and oversees the Council’s communications endeavors, including publications, web sites, and marketing initiatives. Previously, Kimberly served as the communications and development specialist at another DC-based nonprofit, and before that she worked for a newspaper in Newport News, VA. She graduated with a bachelor degree in history from The College of William and Mary and received her masters degree in public communications from American University.

Meg Goldberg

Engagement Manager
Extension 117
Meg Goldberg serves as engagement manager for the NVFC and engages corporate members and sponsors in interacting with the NVFC membership. Prior to joining the NVFC in 2010, Meg served as the office administrator for a church organization and before that had a successful career in association and conference/expo marketing. She also previously worked on fire service projects for another organization.

Allison Moore

Program Manager
Extension 118
Allison Moore has been a member of the NVFC staff since 2007. As program manager, she is the primary contact for the NVFC’s Make Me A Firefighter campaign and training opportunities. She also assists with the NVFC’s health and safety initiatives and other programs. Allison received her bachelor degree in political science from Mercyhurst College and her masters degree in political management at The George Washington University.

Lori Shirley

Program Manager
Lori Shirley assists with the implementation of Fire Corps, the Wildland Fire Assessment Program, and other NVFC initiatives. Before taking this position in 2006, Lori served with Fire Corps at the grassroots level as Fire Corps Team Leader for Johnson County Rural Fire District #1 in Clarksville, AR. Lori received her bachelor degree in marketing from the University of the Ozarks.

Matt Piechocki

Program Manager
Extension 116
Matt joined the NVFC team in 2018. His primary efforts are with the NVFC’s Make Me A Firefighter campaign and training opportunities. He also assists with the NVFC’s health and safety initiatives and other programs. Matt has 12 years fire service experience and graduated with a bachelor degree in public safety administration.

Alyssa Dara

Membership Manager
Extension 123
Alyssa Dara is the point of contact for membership inquiries to the NVFC. She graduated from Towson University with a bachelor degree in political science, and she served as an intern on Capitol Hill and assisted with the campaigns of several political candidates. Prior to joining NVFC in 2014, she served as the communications specialist for multiple trade associations.

Lorraine Higgins

Office Manager/Executive Assistant
Extension 110
Lorraine is the team member everyone connects with. She answers phone calls coming into the NVFC and handles all general membership and NVFC inquiries. Prior to joining the NVFC in 2013, she was a legal secretary and provided administrative support to two trade associations.