NVFC Board of Directors

Kevin D. Quinn


Kevin D. Quinn joined the fire service in 1976. He currently serves as Chairman of the National Volunteer Fire Council. He recently retired as a Deputy Chief of the Union Fire District in South Kingstown, RI, and has returned to where he began in the volunteer fire service – actively responding to fires and alarms with his original Station #3 of the Union Fire District. Kevin is a past-President of the Rhode Island State Firemen’s League, Rhode Island State Advocate of the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation’s Everyone Goes Home-Courage to Be Safe Program, member of the Foundation’s Rhode Island Local Assistance State Team, member of the Hope Valley HazMat team, and member of numerous federal, state, and local exercise design management teams. He served on the NVFC Board of Directors for over 30 years as Alternate Director for Rhode Island and now continues as Director and Chairman. Kevin holds a Master of Science in Counseling and Educational Psychology and a Master of Science in Education.

Steve Hirsch

First Vice Chair

Steve Hirsch is Training Officer for Sheridan County Fire District # 1, Thomas County Fire District #4, and Grinnell Fire Department, all of which are 100% volunteer fire departments. Steve has served as Secretary of the Kansas State Firefighters Association since 2000. His father started a rural fire district in north central Kansas in 1963, the year after he was born, so he grew up in the fire service. In his other life, Steve is the County Attorney in both Sheridan County and  Decatur County in northwest Kansas, having been elected in Decatur County seven times beginning in 1988 and in Sheridan County for the first time in 2014. He also has a private law practice and serves as city attorney for 14 cities in Norton, Rawlins, Decatur, Sheridan, Thomas, and Gove counties. He is a graduate of Kansas State University and Washburn School of Law.

Dallas Renfrew

Second Vice Chair

Dallas Renfrew joined the fire service in 1985 and currently serves with the Seminole Volunteer Fire Department. He has held various positions and ranks, including training officer, firefighter, and CISM team member. He is also President of the Seminole Volunteer EMS Association, where he served as a paramedic. Dallas served as the State Firefighters’ and Fire Marshals’ Association of Texas (SFFMA) Permian Basin District Secretary/Treasurer for eight years before being elected as the Fourth Vice President to the SFFMA of Texas in 1995. In 2000 he served as President of the SFFMA and currently represents the organization on the NVFC board as the Alternate Director for Texas and 2nd Vice Chair. Dallas works for The Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service/Emergency Services Training Institute (TEEX/ESTI) as a fire service instructor and the Extension Program Training Coordinator.

Jeff Cash


Chief Jeff Cash has been in the fire service for over 35 years serving in both the volunteer and career sectors. He has served as the fire chief of the Cherryville (NC) Fire Department since 1986 and is a North Carolina certified firefighter, EMT, rescue technician, fire officer, arson investigator, fire code enforcement officer, and instructor. He is a past president of the North Carolina State Firefighters’ Association and serves as the North Carolina director to the NVFC. He represents the NVFC on the NFPA 1021 Committee and the IAFC Safety Health & Survival Committee, and has testified before Congressional committees on fire service issues on two occasions.


NVFC Committees:

  • Audit
  • Bylaws
  • Communication & Technology
  • Conference
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • EMS/Rescue Section
  • Executive
  • Finance
  • Foundation
  • Hazmat Response
  • Health, Safety, and Training
  • Homeland Security
  • Legislative
  • Membership/Awards
  • Nominating
  • Recruitment and Retention
  • Standards & Codes
  • Volunteer Advocacy
  • Wildland


Board Directory

Alabama Firefighters Association
Larry Jarvis
C.R. Vaughan

Alaska State Firefighter’s Association
Suzie Hill Koklich
Dave Miller

Arkansas State Firefighter’s Association
Jim Gates
Rob Ingram

Arizona Fire Chiefs Association
Bobby Apodaca

California State Firefighter’s Association
Richard Brown

Colorado State Firefighter’s Association
Paul Acosta
Ken Wettstein

Connecticut State Firefighter’s Association
Robert Guthrie
Lew Clark

Delaware Volunteer Firefighters Association
Kenneth McMahon

Florida Fire Chiefs Association
Darian Brown
Tim Diamond

Georgia State Firefighter’s Association
David Bullard
Joey Hartley

Idaho Volunteer Fire and Emergency Services Association
Kevin Courtney
Juan Bonilla

Illinois Firefighters Association
Robert Reason
Bill Offerman

Indiana Volunteer Firefighters Association
Jack Kearney
Jean W. Smith

Iowa Firefighters Association
Robert Platz
Roger Bissen

Kansas State Firefighter’s Association
Steve Hirsch
Dan Romine

Kentucky Firefighters Association
Greg Schultz
Pat Thompson

Louisiana State Firemen’s Association
Kenn Fontenot
Guy Bonin

Maine State Federation of Firefighters
Joseph Guyotte
Ken Desmond

Maryland State Firemen’s Association
James Seavey, Sr.
David Lewis

Massachusetts Call/Volunteer Firefighters Association
Michael Bird
Joseph Maruca

Michigan State Firemen’s Association
Paul Wayco
Cliff Messing

Minnesota State Fire Department Association
Judy Thill
Dave Yurczyk

Mississippi Firefighters Association
George Stevens
Jennifer Williams

Missouri Firefighters Association
Keith Smith
Greg Wright

Montana State Volunteer Firefighters Association
Bob Hanson
Travis Walker

Nebraska State Volunteer Firefighters Association
John Bomar
Joel Cerny

Nevada State Firefighter’s Association
Steve McClintock
Mike Heidemann

New Hampshire Association of Fire Chiefs
Martin Carrier
Frank Fraitzl

New Jersey State Firemen’s Association
Eugene Enfield
George Helfich

New Mexico State Firefighter’s Association
Don Armijos
Rudy Sales

New York Firemen’s Association
David Jacobowitz
Brian McQueen

North Carolina State Fireman’s Association
Jeff Cash
Tim Bradley

North Dakota Firefighters Association
Allan Klein

Ohio State Firefighter’s Association
Timothy Adams
Rodger Sansom

Oklahoma State Firefighter’s Association
Michel Duncan 
Phil Ostrander

Oregon Volunteer Firefighters Association
Jack Carriger
Allen Montgomery

Pennsylvania Firemen’s Association
Paul Lukus
Robert Timko

Rhode Island State Firemen’s League
Kevin Quinn
John Lyman

South Carolina State Firefighter’s Association
Tony Dicks
Henry Bozard

South Dakota Firefighters Association
LeRoy Koopman
Charlie Kludt

Tennessee Fire Chief’s Association
Melvin Martin
Barron Kennedy

Texas State Firemen’s and Fire Marsha’s Association
Chris Barron
Dallas Renfrew

Utah State Firemen’s Association
R. Wendell Robinson
Brent Marshall

Vermont State Firefighter’s Association
Robert Kilpeck

Virginia State Firefighter’s Association
J. Allen Brennan
Ken Brown

Washington State Firefighter’s Association
T.J. Nedrow
Ron Roy

West Virginia State Firemen’s Association
Thomas Miller

Wisconsin State Firefighter’s Association
Philip C. Stittleburg
Larry Plumer

Wyoming State Firemens Association
Rusty Dunham
Eric Quinney