NVFC Live Online Trainings

The NVFC offers the following live, virtual training opportunities, all of which are presented on Zoom:

Train Strong Webinars Roundtable Talks R&R Coffee Talks Volunteer Voices Live
One-hour live sessions led by nationally-known instructors Monthly discussion and Q&A panel sessions Informal Q&A sessions with national fire service leaders Quarterly interactive, live discussions to share your experiences, ask questions, and learn from one another

Below are upcoming events; click on the title to register. This page is updated as more trainings are added. If you miss a live webinar, you can watch the recording in the NVFC Virtual Classroom. Recorded Roundtable Talks can be found here. R&R Coffee Talks and Volunteer Voices Live events are not recorded.

Roundtable Talk: Prioritizing Behavioral Health in the Fire & Emergency Services
July 24 at 2pm ET
Fire and EMS personnel regularly put others before themselves. However, as would be said on any standard flight, you have to put on your own air mask before you can help others. Join a panel of experts on July 24 at 2pm ET to learn what self-care looks like, why it’s so important, and how it impacts first responders’ behavioral health. The discussion will equip responders with the tools needed to take care of themselves both now and in the future, and provide practical tips for implementing self-care in everyday life, after a difficult call, and following a disaster.

Panelists include: Dick Brown, California State Firefighters’ Association Chaplain; Jeff Dill, Firefighter Behavioral Health Alliance; and Wendy Norris, Texas LODD Task Force

Webinar: Finding Future Firefighters — Recruiting and Retaining Gen Z
August 7 at 2pm ET
Instructor: Walter Campbell
Move over millennials, there’s a new kid in town. Generation Z – those born between 1997-2012 – are becoming young adults. Harnessing the energy and potential of Gen Z volunteers is crucial for organizational success. This session will explore the unique characteristics, motivations, and communication preferences of Gen Z individuals to equip you with the tools necessary to attract and retain this dynamic demographic. From leveraging social media platforms to understanding their passion for purpose-driven initiatives, participants will explore innovative strategies tailored to effectively recruit and empower Gen Z volunteers.

Roundtable Talk: The Virtual Fireground — Evaluating Immersive Learning for Fire Service Training
August 29 at 2pm ET
Is immersive learning, including augmented reality and virtual reality, the future of fire service training? These tools are already used in many other disciplines, including military and medicine, and the industry for fire service immersive learning technology is thriving. This Roundtable Talk will feature discussion on how immersive learning can be used for the fire service and special implications and considerations for volunteers.

Webinar: Collective Impact — Collaborative Strategies for Fire and Life Safety Education
September 10 at 2pm ET
Instructor: Angela Potter
Community education is a key part of the fire service, but departments don’t always have funding or resources to implement these programs. Presenter Angela Potter will cover how she connected with other fire and life safety educators, found resources, and developed a regional program to increase knowledge in her own community and beyond. Key topics will include finding free and low-cost resources that you can utilize for your program; building effective outreach plans; and collaborating with other educators to increase your collective impact.

Check out additional on-demand courses in the NVFC Virtual Classroom.