Resources for Managing Stress This Holiday Season

Being a firefighter, EMS provider, or rescue worker is stressful at any time of the year, but the holiday season can add to that stress for responders and their families. With the pandemic still impacting many areas of daily life, the stress may be compounded. The NVFC has several resources to help you, your crew, and your family manage stress and focus on your mental health to help you through this holiday season and beyond.

Directory of Behavioral Health ProfessionalsIf you need help, reach out. This directory lists local behavioral health providers, chaplains, and peer support specialists who are ready and equipped to help first responders and their families.

Psychologically Healthy Fire Departments: Implementation Toolkit: This resource is designed to help fire service leaders support the mental well-being of their members and create a healthy, successful department.

Recorded Webinars: The NVFC has released a series of webinars on behavioral health topics. Watch the recordings for free.

Neen James Webinar Series: This three-part webinar series will help busy first responders do more with less time by providing tips for better managing their time, setting priorities, and improving productivity and accountability.

Courses: The NVFC Virtual Classroom includes courses focused on behavioral health. All courses are free for NVFC members.

Getting a Handle on StressThis article provides tips and strategies to help emergency responders manage stress.

The Mindful Firefighter: This article addresses how mindfulness can be used as a stress reduction tool for firefighters and EMS providers.

Warning Signs to Know: This video helps first responders and family members recognize the symptoms of five common behavioral health issues.

Talking to a Responder in NeedThis video provides tips on how to talk to a fellow firefighter, EMS provider, or emergency responder in need.

Find additional tools and resources to focus on behavioral health from the NVFC’s Share the Load program at