Volunteer Spotlight: Tommie McKenzie

Name: Tommie McKenzie
Title: Assistant fire chief
Department Name: Sweden Fire Department
Location: Lovell, ME

Why are you an NVFC member?
I am a member because I enjoy all the benefits that membership brings, including the resources and knowledge that’s available. I also enjoy the information gained from Volunteer Voices. It’s a great family of fire service people that makes for a great community with the NVFC.

What is your occupation?
Assistant chief and safety officer

Why are you a fire service volunteer?
I’ve been at this for 47 years at all levels, as a volunteer and paid firefighter. Someone has to be there and ready for the others in our communities if an emergency incidents comes to them. Our ranks are getting thin, especially here in the rural areas, so I volunteer. I encourage others to join as a volunteer or paid firefighter, whatever your title may be. I volunteer to assist the neighbor – it’s the right thing to do and brings great pride.

What year did you join the fire or emergency services?

What are your memorable moments as a firefighter or EMS provider?
We all have the very memorable moments, whether that’s the quick knockdown, dousing of the flames, the rescues made from a building, the extractions, or the sound of the first breath a newborn makes. CPR saves are also memorable. However, there are also sad and terrifying moments where help failed.

What contributions have you (and your department) made in your community?
We work hard to make the community better and safer ever day. We have increased fire safety and education to the residents. We support the community and the events that are held around the area. We are always there to help whenever the need is there, however large or small the incident may be.

Interested in serving your community? Find volunteer fire service opportunities at www.MakeMeAFirefighter.org.