Volunteer Spotlight: Josh Byce

Name: Josh Byce
Title: Firefighter
Department Name: Heyburn Fire & Rescue
Location: Heyburn, ID

Why are you an NVFC member?
As a volunteer firefighter in a small area I feel as though it is important to have a voice and to be able to keep track of what is going on in larger areas.

What is your occupation?

Why are you a volunteer firefighter, EMT, or rescue provider?
I am a volunteer so that I can give back. I have known since I was a little kid that I was going to be a firefighter and as soon as I did that I began the road to being an EMT.

What year did you join the fire or emergency services?

What are your memorable moments as a firefighter or EMS provider?
Wow, there are too many to count – from helping someone whose house is on fire to helping lift an elderly person off the floor.

What contributions have you (and your department) made in your community?
We go to the schools and teach fire safety as well as the local Ag Expo and anything else the community asks.

Interested in serving your community? Find volunteer fire service opportunities at www.MakeMeAFirefighter.org.