Volunteer Spotlight: Garnett Last

Name: Garnett Last
Title: Firefighter
Department Name: Avonmore
Location: Newington, ON (Canada)

Why are you an NVFC member?
I became a volunteer firefighter as a way of getting involved with and giving back to my community. I see being a member of the NVFC the next logical step in helping to keep our members in touch with the bigger picture and stay abreast of health and safety issues and training programs.

What is your occupation?
Data Analyst

Why are you a volunteer firefighter, EMT, or rescue provider?
I became a volunteer firefighter to become more involved and give back to my community.

What year did you join the fire or emergency services?

What are your memorable moments as a firefighter or EMS provider?
I organized and managed our first annual Avonmore Firefighter Run to raise funds for our department. Having nearly a hundred runners of all ages come out to our event, including some from over four hours away to show support for our event, was a very rewarding experience.

What contributions have you (and your department) made in your community?  
We helped raise over $20,000 for the family of a man killed in a car accident, not to mention managing food and resource donations. We attend the local schools and library to give fire safety demonstrations.

Interested in serving your community? Find volunteer fire service opportunities at www.MakeMeAFirefighter.org.