Volunteer Fire Departments Can Enter to Win FREE GET-A-GRIP Gloves

Must be a member of the National Volunteer Fire Council to participate

Fentanyl is killing Americans all across the country at unprecedented rates. As the heroin and fentanyl epidemic continues to grow, responders who come in accidental contact with these dangerous drugs are at great personal risk. PH&S Products, LLC (PH&S) is committed to providing the highest quality gloves for the safety and well-being of these responders, which is why PH&S has teamed up with National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC) to provide 100 volunteer fire departments with Get-A-Grip Gloves in 2022 through the “Glove On!” Giveaway.

GET-A-GRIP Gloves provide high performance and ultimate hand protection with superior grip from PH&S’s Diamond Pattern Technology. The gloves have been permeation tested against fentanyl, heroin, and gastric acid. The super tough nitrile compound gives GET-A-GRIP excellent abrasion resistance and protection.

“I was introduced to Get-A-Grip gloves at a trade show and was amazed by their durability,” said NVFC deputy chief executive officer Dr. Candice McDonald, who is also a volunteer firefighter. “We ended up ordering these for all our special agents and responders. It was reassuring to know that we had protection when working in high-risk situations where fentanyl exposure might be a concern. I also love the double color, there is no guessing if a glove has been worn or not.”

To be eligible to enter, departments must be over 50 percent volunteer, serve a population of 25,000 or less, be located in the U.S., and be a member of the NVFC. Eligible volunteer fire departments entered into the giveaway will be randomly selected to receive two boxes of black GET-A-GRIP Gloves (up to 50 pairs of gloves per box, up to 100 pairs of gloves total) in 2022.

The entry period is open until August 31. Learn more and enter to win at www.nvfc.org/gloves.

About PH&S Products, LLC
PH&S Products LLC, an ISO 9001 (with design) certified company, is a leader in the design and development of innovative hand protection, servicing customers’ needs in municipal government agencies as well as emergency response teams and in the public health and safety market. Our goal is to offer a premium examination grade UL approved quality gloves at an affordable price. PH&S Products provides superior gloves to a wide variety of healthcare professionals that demand the very best in hand protection. All glove styles are manufactured to the strictest standards of quality, and we offer 3 gloves that are NFPA certified. Awarded a 510(k) number from the FDA, PH&S has two single-use Class I listing glove styles that have been permeation tested against fentanyl, heroin, and gastric acid per the ASTM D6978-05 standards. Learn more at https://phs-products.com/.

About the NVFC
The National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC) is the leading nonprofit membership association representing the interests of the volunteer fire, EMS, and rescue services. The NVFC serves as the voice of the volunteer in the national arena and provides critical resources, programs, education, and advocacy for first responders across the nation. Learn more at www.nvfc.org.