TRANSCAER Seconds Count Series Provides Important Training for Responders

TRANSCAERSM, with assistance from members of the National Volunteer Fire Council’s Hazmat Response Committee, has released three new videos to help increase responder safety during hazmat incidents. The videos are part of the TRANSCAER Seconds Count – Are You Prepared? video series. Understanding that in an emergency responders may only have seconds to react safely, these videos train responders on important topics so they are prepared for hazmat incident response.

Rapid Size Up of Tank Cars
It is important when responding to a potential rail incident that first responders can recognize the differences between the various types of tank cars. Learn about how each type of tank car will react differently depending on the stressors of the incident.

Scene Size-Up
In a hazmat incident, the decisions made and actions taken in the first few minutes will often establish the identity of the overall response.

Protective Action Distances – Decision Making for Emergency Responders
The first five minutes are critical when responding to a potential rail incident. First responders must take necessary steps to ensure life safety, including their own. Once on scene, quickly and appropriately implement the proper protective actions based on key size-up factors to help reduce the risk of exposures, injuries, or deaths.

Find these and other training from the TRANSCAER Seconds Count – Are You Prepared? series here.