NVFC Trainings

The NVFC offers a variety of training opportunities, both virtually and in-person. Upcoming training opportunities are listed below.

Volunteer Voices Live: Face-to-Face Virtual Connections
May 25 at 5pm ET
Whether you’re struggling to find new members, keep the ones you have, or are eager to share success stories about recruitment and retention, this conversation is for you! Discover fresh new ways to address recruitment and retention challenges during Volunteer Voices Live. The goal of this interactive session will be for you to come away with at least one new recruitment or retention strategy to implement in your department. This discussion will take place on May 25 at 5pm ET and will not be recorded. Notes on the strategies you develop will be shared in Volunteer Voices after the session. Register.

Webinar: Social Media in the Fire Service: Benefits and Considerations
June 2 at 2pm ET
Over the last few decades, the world has adopted new methods of communication through the use of technology. Many industries have utilized social media to amplify their messaging and marketing, and the fire and emergency services can reap these same benefits. Yet many small and mid-sized departments don’t leverage social media to its fullest potential. Join the NVFC and subject matter experts for a panel discussion on the benefits social media can have for emergency service departments, the organizational framework for building a department’s social media presence, and legal implications and considerations to protect the department from unanticipated consequences. Whether you are a social media novice or are looking to grow your department’s existing social media program, learn key takeaways you can utilize to build and strengthen your department’s communications with the public. Register.

Tradeshow: International Hazardous Materials Response Teams Conference
Course – Pipeline Response PREP: Achieving Organizational Readiness for Pipeline Emergencies. Learn more.
June 10 at 2:15pm ET

Live Discussion – Safety Stand Down: The Importance of Situational Awareness
June 15 at 2pm ET
Safety Stand Down is June 19-25, and this year’s theme is “Situational Awareness: The Foundation for Good Decision Making.” Situational awareness is critical during response operations as it can help emergency responders to solve problems, prevent bad outcomes, and make better decisions in high-stress environments. To prepare for Safety Stand Down, join the NVFC and subject matter experts for a live discussion that will focus on situational awareness during EMS calls, wildland incidents, and roadway response. The discussion will be streamed to the NVFC’s Facebook page and on 

Tradeshow: 2022 Maryland State Firemen’s Association Annual Convention and Conference
Course – Implementing a Training Program
June 19 from 8-10am ET
Course – Leadership for Fire and EMS Services
June 20 from 3:15-5:15pm ET
Course – Volunteer Fire Service Culture
June 21 from 8am-12pm ET

Health & Safety Training Summit
June 24-25
Venue: Embassy Suites Lake Buena Vista Resort; 8100 Lake St., Orlando, FL 32836
This event provides an opportunity to pafrticipate in valuable classroom training in topics relating to responder health, safety, and leadership and share ideas and best practices with emergency responders from across the U.S. Travel stipends and scholarships are available to help more responders attend. Learn more and register.

Tradeshow: Fire-Rescue International
Course – Creating a Psychologically Healthy Fire Department: Recognize, Mitigate, and Support Behavioral Health for Your Members
August 26 at 11:30am CT

Recruitment and Retention Experience
September 16-17
Venue: Delta Hotels Phoenix Mesa, 200 North Centennial Way, Mesa, AZ 85201
This event brings together fire and EMS personnel from across the country to participate in valuable classroom training and idea exchange relating to volunteer emergency service staffing issues. Travel stipends are available. Learn more and register.

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