Train Strong Webinars

The NVFC offers a monthly series of free webinars for the fire and emergency services. Past Train Strong webinars are available to watch in the NVFC’s Virtual Classroom.

Fireground Communications
December 7 and December 9, 1pm ET
This free webinar from 3M Scott Fire & Safety Application Engineering Team will discuss the importance of fireground communications, common barriers to successful communications, and addressing common communications issues. Register for Dec. 7 webinar. Register for Dec. 9 webinar.

Resiliency: Preparing for and Bouncing Back from Difficult Calls
December 9, 2pm ET
Join the NVFC and presenter Hersch Wilson for this webinar on building resiliency. Learn how firefighters can emotionally prepare for difficult calls and how we can “bounce back” from the bad ones. The webinar is interactive to encourage participants to share their own best practices. Register now.