Take Action to Protect Against Firefighter Cancer

Cancer is one of the biggest health threats facing firefighters, but there are actions you can take to protect yourself and your crew. January is Firefighter Cancer Awareness Month, a time to learn about what you and your department can do to lessen exposure risks and prevent job-related cancer. Here are some resources and tools to help.

Lavender Ribbon Reports – The Lavender Ribbon Report details 11 specific actions firefighters can take to reduce exposure risks and prevent occupational cancer. Departments should adopt these actions into their standard operating procedures. The Lavender Ribbon Report Update provides additional motivation through personal stories, examples of how departments are implementing the best practices, and more.

Live Discussion: Firefighter Cancer Awareness & Prevention – Join the NVFC and an expert panel for this live discussion on January 25 on Facebook and Zoom to learn more about why firefighters are at increased risk of cancer and actions you can take to protect yourself and your crew.

Online Training – The NVFC has a series of free webinars to help firefighters lessen their risks of cancer. In addition, the course Surviving the Job: Preventing Firefighter Cancer is being offered free in the month of January.

Provider’s Guide to Firefighter Medical Evaluations – Regular screenings increase the chances of detecting cancer early, before it has the chance to spread. Give this guide to your healthcare provider so they understand what increased risks you may face and can make an informed decision for your healthcare. You can also find the course Fit for Duty, Fit for Life: Firefighter Physicals and the Volunteer Fire Service in the NVFC Virtual Classroom.

Cancer Awareness and Prevention Resources – The NVFC has compiled tools and resources to help firefighters and department leaders address the issue of firefighter cancer and reduce risks.

Firefighter Cancer Support Network – FCSN provides assistance and support to cancer-stricken firefighters and their families. Their Firefighter Cancer Awareness Month page has additional resources to use throughout January and beyond to raise awareness of this health threat, how to prevent it, and how to support those who have been diagnosed with cancer.

IAFF Cancer Awareness Month Resources – The International Association of Fire Fighters provides tools and guidance to help firefighters reduce their risks of cancer.