Safety Stand Down is June 19-25 

Safety Stand Down is next week, and this year’s theme is “Situational Awareness: The Foundation for Good Decision Making.” Situational awareness helps firefighters solve problems, prevent bad outcomes, and make better decisions in high stress environments. Departments are encouraged to suspend all non-emergency activities during this week to focus on education and training efforts relating to this theme. Many resources are available to help you get ready for Safety Stand Down. 

  • The NVFC is hosting a live discussion on Tuesday, June 15, at 2pm ET on Facebook and Zoom to help departments get ready for Safety Stand Down by learning more about situational awareness during EMS calls, wildland incidents, and roadway response. 
  • A one-hour introductory training video presented by situational awareness expert Richard B. Gasaway is now available to use as part of your department’s Safety Stand Down activities to help personnel get a better understanding of situational awareness and how it results in better safety on-scene.  
  • There is still time to take the Safety Stand Down Quiz to test your knowledge of this year’s theme. 200 participants will be randomly selected to receive a limited-edition challenge coin, and 20 quiz takers will be randomly selected to get a signed copy of Gasaway’s book, Situational Awareness for Emergency Response.  
  • A resource center, planning information, and more about this year’s theme – including the daily focus areas – are available on the Safety Stand Down web site at