Safety Stand Down 2023 Focused on Lithium-Ion Battery Emergencies and Response

Senate issues resolution supporting Safety Stand Down

The 2023 Safety Stand Down took place on June 18-24, with the theme “Lithium-Ion Batteries: Are You Ready?” Each weekday was dedicated to a different topic relating to responder safety before, during, and after incidents involving lithium-ion batteries, with corresponding training materials provided.

While Safety Stand Down is over, departments are encouraged to continue to use the free materials and training found on the Safety Stand Down web site to focus on lithium-ion battery safety year-round. We also ask that you take this brief survey to let us know whether you participated in this year’s event, what topics you’d like to see covered in the future, and what materials you’d like to see developed. In addition, you can submit your Safety Stand Down success story to be featured on the web site and help inspire other departments.

The 2023 Safety Stand Down garnered support from the U.S. Senate in the form of a resolution. On June 22, Senator Carper (D-DE) introduced S. Res. 281, which declared the week of June 18-June 25 as “National Firefighter Safety Week.” The resolution praises the Safety Stand Down partner organizations, including the National Volunteer Fire Council, for the work they do to promote best practices and enhance firefighter safety. It also calls attention to this year’s Safety Stand Down theme and the need for developing training, education, and best practices for addressing incidents involving lithium-ion batteries. Read the resolution.