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Neen James
Author, National Speaker

Join the NVFC and internationally-renowned speaker and author Neen James for a three-part webinar series to help first responders increase productivity, prioritize, focus their attention, and get results in their professional and personal lives. The webinars, brought to you by Josh Cellars, take place over a three-week period on October 27, Nov. 3, and Nov. 10.

Folding Time: How to Achieve Twice as Much in Half the Time
October 27, 2pm ET
You don’t have time to do everything; you only have time to do what matters! As leaders we are constantly being asked to do more with less. If we can get clear about those activities that make the biggest difference to our productivity, we can get twice as much done in half the time and free ourselves up to get on with whatever else we choose. In this practical and entertaining workshop presented by Neen James, learn how to achieve more in your volunteer department, at work, and in your personal life by managing your time, focusing your attention, and managing your energy. Register.

Attention Pays™: Drive Profitability, Productivity, and Accountability
November 3, 2pm ET
To get the results you want, you need to get attention. But most people don’t know how to get it and keep it. People often see attention as a transaction, something to trade, but it’s much more than that. In this workshop presented by Neen James, learn how to leverage personal, professional, and global attention so you can be more deliberate about the choices you make and the actions you take so you can get the results you want in your department, at work, or in your personal life. Discover what makes attention valuable, and why paying attention in very specific ways drives profitability, productivity, and accountability. Register.

Systems Thinking: Drive Productivity, Profitability, and Accountability
November 10, 2pm ET
Members of the fire and emergency services wear many hats, and it is easy to be constantly distracted, overwhelmed, and not achieving the results we want in different aspects of our lives. By developing a system to increase and streamline productivity, we can leverage time and get more done. This webinar presented by Neen James will help attendees create a prioritization process for everyday application, learn how to focus on what’s most important daily, and create a productive personal action plan for implementation. Register.