President Biden Acts on NVFC COVID-19 Policy Recommendations

President Biden has recently issued two Executive Orders that directly address policy recommendations that the National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC) made to his transition team in November. On January 21, Biden issued a memorandum that waives the local cost share requirement on Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) assistance through the end of the current fiscal year. Also on January 21, Biden issued a separate memorandum invoking the Defense Production Act, “…to fill (PPE) shortfalls as soon as practicable by acquiring additional stockpiles, improving distribution systems, building market capacity, or expanding the industrial base.”

“I’d like to thank President Biden for taking swift action to make it easier for local emergency response agencies to take advantage of FEMA assistance, and to increase the domestic supply of PPE,” said NVFC Chair Steve Hirsch. “The NVFC will continue to work with President Biden and the Congress to ensure that volunteer emergency services organizations receive the support that they need from the federal government.”