Participate in the 2023 JEMS Games

The 2023 JEMS Games will take place at FDIC in Indianapolis, IN. The JEMS Games is a challenging and educational clinical competition highlighting cutting-edge simulation technology. The preliminary competition challenges teams to appropriately assess and provide quality, efficient patient care during three realistic, high-pressure scenarios.

All JEMS Games teams will participate in the JEMS Games Preliminary Competition on Tuesday, April 25, to determine the top three who will move on to the final round. On Friday, April 28, the top three teams will participate in a 20-minute, high-energy scenario that requires managing multiple patients. An awards ceremony immediately follows to recognize the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams.

All FDIC attendees are encouraged to attend to cheer on the final teams and also earn 1 CEH.

Interested in participating in this prestigious EMS competition? Teams are comprised of three people and can be fire-based EMS, private EMS, or any combination of personnel. Learn more, watch the video, and sign up here.