NVFC Releases Three New Courses Focusing on Fire Service History, Leadership, and Risk Management

The National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC) is excited to announce the release of three new courses in the Virtual Classroom. These courses can be used to help new volunteers learn more about the fire service and their role or as a refresher to more seasoned volunteers.

The three new courses are as follows:

The Fire Service – A History: This course helps students understand the history of the fire service, where it has been, and where it is going, as well as highlights common fire service acronyms and organizations that support fire, EMS, and rescue personnel.

Recruit to White Helmet: This program is designed to help newly recruited firefighters and existing firefighters create a road map for a desired career path in their department and the fire service, including key considerations at each phase in the journey.

Risk Management Principles for New Volunteer Firefighters: This course provides an overview of why risk management is important, not just to those in leadership positions within the fire service, but to all firefighters and EMS personnel.

Find these courses and dozens more in the NVFC Virtual Classroom. NVFC members have free access to all Virtual Classroom courses. Not a member? Join for $21 here.

In addition to the option of taking the three new courses individually, new volunteers can also find these courses in the New Recruit Track, which features a carefully curated selection of seven courses that cover critical introductory topics for new emergency responders. For a limited time, purchase the New Recruit Track for $21 and receive a one-year membership in the NVFC.