NEMSIS 2020 Public-Release Dataset is Now Available

The National EMS Information System (NEMSIS) Technical Assistance Center has released its 2020 Public-Release Research Dataset, the largest publicly available dataset of EMS activations in the U.S. The dataset, which includes nearly 43.5 million EMS activations submitted by 12,319 EMS agencies in 50 states and territories, is a subset of the National EMS Database – the repository for EMS data collected from U.S. states and territories. Learn more and request the dataset here.

NEMSIS maintains the national standard for how patient care information resulting from an emergency 911 call for medical assistance is collected. The data has been used to examine a range of topics, including the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on EMS systems and patient care. The National EMS Database and public datasets provide a valuable tool for EMS leaders, researchers, public health officials and policymakers. For more about NEMSIS and the power of EMS data, visit