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NEW! Travel stipends available. Learn more here.

The NVFC, in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA), is offering a hazmat train-the-trainer program: Partners in Training (PIT) Crew. This project will help first responders gain the knowledge and skills they need to train others in their communities on hazmat safety and response. Through the partnership, the NVFC will provide 15 in-person training opportunities across the U.S. at no cost to departments. Experienced hazmat trainers and those new to the field are welcome to participate.

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Upcoming Trainings 

Join us for these upcoming free hazmat train-the-trainer events. Click on the links for full details and to register.

January 28

Iowa Fire School, Altoona, IA


Course: Tools in Hazmat Training

April 5-6

Edinburg, TX

More information coming soon

May 4-5

Maynard, NY

More information coming soon

May 17-18

Washington State

More information coming soon


Concord, NH

More information coming soon


St. Albans, WV

More information coming soon


Stay tuned as more are confirmed!

Past event locations: SFFMA conference, McAllen, TX; Hamilton Township, NJ; Fulton, KY; Owensboro, KY; Orangeburg, SC; Pearisburg, VA; Potosi, MO

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Travel Stipends

Stipends are available to help offset the travel costs related to PIT Crew training attendance. To apply, provide the requested information in the application form by January 2, 2024. Stipends are available for locations across the United States in 2024.

Select which site(s) you are interested in attending in the form below. Recipients will only receive the stipend to apply to one (1) training location. Each location will have different course offerings. Locations are subject to change; if you are selected for a stipend, you will be given a choice of locations to attend.

Hazmat PIT Crew travel stipends provide reimbursement of up to $500 for eligible expenses, including:

  • Up to two nights hotel for the training weekend
  • Travel, including round-trip airfare, cab/shuttle fare, and/or mileage
  • Any applicable conference registration fees
  • Please note that attendees will be responsible for meals and any additional expenses (such as additional room nights or transportation above the stated limit)


  • You must be an NVFC member to be eligible. Not a member? Join for only $21 at www.nvfc.org/join.
  • Applicants must live more than 45 miles from the conference center.
  • Applicants are required to submit a reference letter from a department leader, city official, or other person who can verify your role in the department.
  • While stipends are selected on an individual basis, a maximum of one person per department can receive a stipend.
  • NVFC Board Members are not eligible.

Notifications will be sent by January 26. Questions? Contact Rachel Buczynski, chief of training and education, at rachel@nvfc.org or 202-887-5700 x130.




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The NVFC is developing fifteen new train-the-trainer courses regarding hazmat safety and response. Course titles are listed below. Courses range from 3-7 hours and some contain a hands-on training component. For more information, including learning objectives, view the course catalog. NVFC P.I.T. Crew courses are designed to provide enhanced hazmat training delivery tips, techniques and resources that can be utilized in your organization for teaching at the awareness, operations, and technician levels.

7-hour courses:

  • Teaching Hazmat Basics
  • Tools in Hazmat TrainingFirefighters carrying a bucket for training
  • Scenario-Based Hazmat Training
  • Risk-Based Hazmat Training
  • Understanding Regulations and Standards Affecting Hazmat Training
  • Teaching Basic Decon

3-hour courses:

  • Teaching Hazmat on a Budget
  • Teaching Cargo Tank Awareness – MC 306 & DOT 406
  • Instructor Training on Placards, Labels, and Markings
  • Instructor Training for Flammable Gases
  • Instructor Training for Flammable Liquids
  • Instructor Training for Ammonia
  • Instructor Training for Chlorine
  • Instructor Training for Methanol
  • Instructor Training for Vinyl Chloride

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Request a Training

Please note: we have a full schedule and are no longer approving trainings for 2023. Applications for 2024 are still welcome! Interested in attending an already-scheduled training? See the Upcoming Trainings section of this page.

Interested in bringing an in-person training to your department or region? Complete the hazmat training application. Please note, to ensure an optimal training experience:

  • Requests should be made at least 12 weeks (3 months) in advance of proposed training date and include a proposed training location
  • Training must take place between January-August 2024 on a weekend
  • Training site should be in a central location and easily accessible to students (25 students minimum)
  • Choose classes that will provide two full days of instruction
  • Site should have classroom-style seating and audio/visual equipment
  • Site should have hands-on-training site capabilities to conduct practical skills/drills
  • Hosting agency must help promote the training to ensure maximum, quality attendance
  • If requesting a training with a hands-on component, please note the additional site requirements:
    • Dedicated training space suitable for the event that will not be used by any other group at the time of the course (space to conduct the training(s) – classroom(s), restrooms, practical skills area, rehab area, parking for students and instructors, etc.)
    • Appropriate hook-ups resource(s) and access for the course (i.e., water supply, hoses, access to and/or for apparatus, training props, etc.), as detailed in the course description(s)
    • Availability of an on-site point of contact who can work with the NVFC and/or instructor(s) in advance to ensure all setup needs are met

If you, or your team, have any questions about these requirements, please do not hesitate to contact the NVFC. Our goal is to work with you to bring this training opportunity to your area. Our hazmat team will work to answer any of your questions.

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Questions? Contact Rachel Buczynski, chief of training and education, at rachel@nvfc.org or 202-887-5700.

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