FREE Training Available During Fire Prevention Month

October is Fire Prevention Month, a time when fire departments ramp up public education and focus on spreading fire prevention and safety messages in their communities. To help with these efforts, the NVFC and First Alert have teamed up to make the following Virtual Classroom courses FREE to all during the month of October. These trainings will assist fire service volunteers in increasing community safety through alarm installation and fire safety education.

First Line of Defense – Installing Smoke Alarms: This training focuses on the need for community-based fire safety education and alarm installation. The first line of defense in a home fire is proper smoke alarm placement, installation, and having enough alarms in each home. This, combined with providing education and resources, will help make your community significantly safer.

Protect Against the Silent Killer – Installing Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detectors: This course focuses on the need for community-based CO safety education and alarm installation programs and also provides the tools and information to properly install CO alarms in your community to reduce your neighbors’ risks of dying from CO poisoning.

Home Fire Preparedness – Fire Extinguisher Best Practices: This training focuses on the need for community-based fire extinguisher education programs. Proper fire extinguisher maintenance and education can help make your community safer and reduce the risk of fire incidents.