Fire Department Poster Promoting Diversity and Inclusion Now Available

Maintaining a diverse and inclusive fire department membership are two keys to increasing recruitment and retention rates. To highlight this and provide a resource to departments, the National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC) and On the Job and Off partnered to create a new poster that departments can use to educate their members on these important issues.

The poster first explains the difference between diversity and inclusion and then outlines actions that department leaders and personnel can take to create an inclusive department that welcomes all members. These actions will positively impact departments by enabling them to recruit a more diverse membership and retain members on the team. In addition, the benefits of having a diverse and inclusive department are outlined.

Hang this poster up in your department, include it in the department newsletter, and share it with all members to make sure everyone is doing their part to create and maintain a positive working environment for all. Members that feel safe, appreciated, and valued will be more engaged, perform better, and be less likely to leave.

The new poster is available as a flyer (8.5”x11”) or as a print-ready poster (16”x21”). Find more resources for recruitment and retention from the NVFC and On the Job and Off.

About the NVFC
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About On the Job and Off
On the Job and Off is an online learning platform that exists to improve the mental health, well-being, and resilience of all first responders. On the Job and Off provides pragmatic education that reduces stigma, helps first responders recognize mental health issues in themselves and their peers, and empowers them to seek help if needed. Learn more at