Feedback Needed on DEI in the Fire and Emergency Services

The International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) is conducting a study on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in fire and EMS within the United States. The data collected through this process will be used to generate a report on the status of DEI in the American fire and emergency services. It is important that volunteer responders participate in this survey so that their voices are adequately represented.

The data collected from this study will be evaluated to determine:

  • How critical workplace issues related to DEI – such as harassment, bullying, leadership, recruitment, and retention – impact the fire and emergency services
  • How definitions of diversity, equity, and inclusion in fire and EMS vary
  • Regional variance in attitudes toward DEI
  • The cultural readiness for change

Data collected through the survey is completely anonymous. Respondents will not be asked to provide any personal identification information and no data is collected that would trace responses back to any one individual or organization.

Help make a positive cultural impact on the fire/EMS service today – take a few minutes to complete the survey and share the link with your colleagues.

The form will close at midnight on December 31. Take the survey now.