EMS/Rescue Section Election to be Held on April 7

Section Members can Request Absentee Ballot

On April 7 the NVFC EMS/Rescue Section will hold an election to determine the Section officers for the next two years. All members of the Section are eligible to vote to elect the Section’s officers. Section members can vote in-person at the meeting or by requesting and submitting an absentee ballot. To request an absentee ballot, contact dfinger@nvfc.org. Absentee ballots must be requested by 12pm ET on April 5 and submitted by 12pm ET on April 6. Section members who vote via absentee ballot may not vote again at the Section meeting.

The following four candidates are running to fill three At-Large Director positions on the Section Executive Committee:

Brian P. Foley (Director-at-Large of the EMS/Rescue Section since 2015) – I am seeking to be re-elected to the NVFC’s EMS/Rescue Section Executive Committee as a Director-at-Large. My platform and section goals for the next two years will be to partner with EMS stakeholders to advance beneficial legislation at the local, regional, and national levels. I plan to enrich professional development programs to reach and advance EMS practitioners and focus on diversity and inclusion in the EMS field.

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John Lyman (NVFC Director from Rhode Island, representing the Rhode Island State Firemen’s League on the NVFC Board of Directors)

Ed Mund (Director-at-Large of the EMS/Rescue Section since 2012) – I consider myself a career volunteer. By that I mean my entire fire and EMS career has been and always will be as a volunteer. Volunteers, especially from more rural areas, need an experienced voice who has served in their world, who can articulate their perspectives, and describe their realities. I have worked on behalf of volunteers at local, state, and national levels for more than 25 years. I am often the only rural volunteer and the only BLS-level EMS responder in the room. The Director-at-Large position on the EMS/Rescue Section has offered opportunities to be their advocate. I seek re-election because the contacts and experience I have gained in past projects will, I believe, help me to be a better voice and advocate for volunteers.

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Ken Wettstein (NVFC Director from Colorado, representing the Colorado State Firefighter’s Association on the NVFC Board of Directors)

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