Wiser Estate Plan Offers Free Services for First Responders

To help support the firefighters, EMS providers, and medical workers on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic and provide protection and peace of mind to their families, Wiser Estate Plan is offering a Family Protection Plan free to front-line responders. This is a savings of up to $5,000 on the creation of a trust and healthcare/financial powers of attorney.

This offer will save thousands of dollars in fees and help families avoid probate if something should happen to one of our front-line heroes during this crisis.

Wills provide a false sense of security as all assets must go through a long and expensive probate system that could take years to settle. A trust, on the other hand, avoids probate and offers additional benefits that can ease the process for families.

Wiser Estate Plan stands at the ready to help responders with their legal documents, including the free offer for a simple trust, healthcare power of attorney, and durable power of attorney. Learn more at www.wiserestateplan.com.