Wildfire “6 Minutes for Safety” Mini-Training

Courtesy of EMR-ISAC

The Wildland Fire Lessons Learned Center (LLC) serves as a clearinghouse for all things related to the wildland fire community including many video resources, case studies, lessons learned, and a newsletter. The federal and state partners that operate it update the site and its information constantly, making it a timely and relevant resource for wildfire organizations, managers, and training officers.

The “6 Minutes for Safety” tool gives short, topical training for and by fire personnel with the purpose of actively troubleshooting known high risk situations encountered on the fireline. Knowing that repetitive and consistent training saves lives, the Wildland Fire LLC developed the sheets to be short, topic-specific snippets for quick safety briefings. Some of the items covered:

  • Personnel safety – heat disorders, hydration, managing violent people on site, severe injuries, and the Dutch Creek Pink Sticker protocol
  • Aviation – mountain flying, retardant/water drop, helicopter landing safety
  • Operations – downhill fireline construction, sizeup safety, managing rolling material spreading fire on a hillside, chainsaw safety, falling snags
  • Unexpected incidents – wildfires around mines, unexploded ordinance, being in unfamiliar territory, firefighting on the U.S./Mexico border

(Source: Wildland Fire LLC)