Wellness and Fitness Webinar to be Held June 19

Johns Hopkins University and the National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC) have collaborated on a three-year research project to study health interventions for firefighters in Maryland.  Participate in a one-hour webinar on June 19 to learn about the focus group feedback, barriers to wellness and fitness in the fire service, and creative solutions some departments have developed for their wellness and fitness challenges.

Webinar: Overcoming Wellness and Fitness Barriers in the Fire Service: A Study by Johns Hopkins University

When: June 19 at 2pm eastern

Instructors: Dr. Keshia Pollack, Dr. Lawrence Cheskin, and Dr. Shannon Frattaroli

How to register:  Visit https://nvfc.webex.com and click on “upcoming” tab

Cost:  Free

The webinar takes place during International Fire/EMS Safety and Health Week. Make this webinar one of your planned activities to focus on health during the week and gain insight into overcoming barriers to your department’s health and fitness program all year long.

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