Webinars on Recruitment, Retention, Leadership, and More Now Available On-Demand

This past summer, the National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC) hosted a series of live webinars on topics including recruitment, retention, leadership, transitioning from a volunteer to combination department, and firefighter funeral procedures. Free recordings of these webinars are now available.
Recruitment and Retention in the Volunteer Emergency Services
These webinars discuss the challenges of recruiting and retaining volunteers and how to overcome these obstacles.  View Recruitment webinar. View Retention webinar.
Fire Service Leadership
Quality leadership is essential for the fire service to face current and future challenges. This webinar examines leadership styles, qualities, and practices to help your department function at a high level by avoiding fire service leadership pitfalls. View webinar.
From Volunteer to Combination:  Making the Transition
This webinar discusses the challenges of transitioning from a volunteer to a combination department. Topics covered include merging departments, personnel conflicts, adjusting to the presence of paid staff, managing growth and increased call volume, and recruitment and retention. View webinar.
Navigating Fire Service Funerals
Firefighting continues to be one of the nation’s most hazardous professions. This webinar explains the steps needed to plan and carry out a fire service funeral. View webinar.
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