Verizon Offers Wireless Discounts, Priority Access for Volunteer Firefighters

Firefighters make tremendous sacrifices for our communities, and Verizon is proud to support them with priority access to their network and consumer discounts. The National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC) and Verizon have partnered to help more volunteer responders learn about and take advantage of these benefits.

Verizon’s First Responder Benefits Program offers firefighters and other first responders priority access to Verizon’s network at no additional monthly cost. The program gives qualified volunteers, or those who don’t receive a wireless device from their agency, priority access that helps them be able to respond and react when needed.

Firefighters can choose between Mobile Broadband Priority, which is best for devices primarily used for data, or Wireless Priority Service, which is best for devices primarily used for voice. Both services will prioritize access to the Verizon network for volunteers, helping them to serve their communities in times of crisis.

“We serve because we truly care about our neighborhoods,” said Kevin D. Quinn, chair of the National Volunteer Fire Council and a volunteer firefighter. “70 percent of U.S. firefighters are volunteers, who respond to all types of emergencies and disasters. Having priority access in crisis situations will help us do our jobs better.”

Watch this short video to learn more about the first responder priority service:

In addition, volunteer firefighters can stay connected to the ones they love with even more savings on their personal Verizon Unlimited plans. Verizon customers who are state and local police, fire and EMS employees, retirees, or volunteers can sign up for the Go Unlimited plan for $30 per line per month for four lines when enrolled in Auto Pay – a savings of $40 per month (plus taxes and fees). With mix and match unlimited plans for the whole family, first responders can save even more on all Verizon Unlimited consumer plans: get $15 off one line, $35 off two lines, and $40 off three or more lines.

Any customer that can be validated as an active volunteer first responder with a public safety agency may be eligible to add a priority service feature to his/her device and can enroll in the program at

For the consumer wireless discount, customers can log into their My Verizon account and upload the proper documentation or visit a store. More information is available at

Verizon powers the nation’s largest and most reliable 4G LTE network, covering more than 2.5 million square miles and 98% of Americans, a 450,000 square mile coverage advantage over the nearest competitor. Learn more about their public safety solutions at