Twitter Chat April 15 on Traffic Incident Management (TIM) Volunteers

April 12-18 is National Volunteer Week. With this in mind, the TIM Network and the National Volunteer Fire Council have teamed up for a dialogue about TIM volunteers. The nation relies on volunteer firefighters and emergency medical technicians to deliver TIM. But it recent years, TIM volunteers have been decreasing, while the need has been increasing. Furthermore, TIM training and awareness is often viewed as “extra time,” which conflicts with volunteers’ desire and the need to balance their time.

On Wednesday, April 15, at 3:00 PM ET, please join the TIM Network and National Volunteer Fire Council for a Twitter Chat about this important topic. It’s easy to participate: simply log in to Twitter, enter #TIMCHATS in your Twitter search box, and start tweeting. At #TIMCHATS participants can follow the dialog and also post comments/questions. Just be sure to include this hashtag in all Tweets: #TIMCHATS. That’s it!