Treatment Solutions Network to Provide Member Assistance Services for the NVFC

Treatment Solutions Network’s Senior Vice President of Business Development and retired Rhode Island Fire Department Battalion Chief Michael Blackburn proudly announced that Treatment Solutions Network has been chosen by the National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC) to implement the National Fire Services Member Assistance Program. This comprehensive Member Assistance Program for all NVFC members and their families is the first program of its kind for the NVFC since their 1976 inception.

Treatment Solutions Network has setup a toll-free, confidential phone line, where representatives will be on hand 24/7 to provide immediate assistance with member issues like alcohol and drug abuse, psychological problems, relationship problems, work-related concerns, and virtually anything disrupting a member’s work life and overall wellness. This hotline is provided at absolutely no cost to members of the NVFC or their immediate family. Program services are offered by the NVFC as part of the member benefit package. If additional treatment, counseling, or other help is recommended by the Member Assistance Professional, every effort will be made to find quality care within your health insurance benefits or ability to pay.

“Treatment Solutions Network is humbled and honored to be selected by the National Volunteer Fire Council as their new provider of Member Assistance services. The National Fire Services Member Assistance Program is a combined effort brought to you by the National Volunteer Fire Council and Treatment Solutions Network, and will faithfully serve all NVFC members and their families,” said Blackburn. “Generally, people can handle the problems and stresses of everyday life on their own; however, sometimes help from a skilled professional, respectful of your privacy, can provide the perfect amount of guidance and support.”

“We are very pleased to partner with Treatment Solutions to be able to provide our members and their families with the National Fire Services Member Assistance Program,” said NVFC Chairman Philip C. Stittleburg. “This toll-free, confidential support line can make a huge difference for a first responder or family member dealing with a personal crisis, emotional issue, or addiction problem. Now there will be someplace these responders in need can turn to get the proper support and help.”

To learn more about the new Member Assistance Program and access the toll-free phone number, login to the Members-Only section of the NVFC web site and click on Member Benefits.