The First Twenty Offers Fitness and Wellness Program for Firefighters

With heart attack the leading cause of firefighter fatalities, firefighter health is a pressing concern for the emergency services. The First Twenty is an online/mobile health and wellness program that works to guide and motivate firefighters to improve their health.

The First Twenty is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to decrease heart attack-related line-of-duty-deaths among firefighters by educating and thus equipping firefighters through physical fitness, mental fitness, and nutritional programs. The portable, scalable program is designed to be easily managed, maintained, and implemented by both career and volunteer firefighters. All program components are delivered through an online portal as well as mobile technology. Firefighter-specific training and guidance is provided in the areas of functional fitness, mental fitness, and nutrition.

Founded in 2008, The First Twenty focuses on training, educating, and motivating firefighters to live healthier and improve their overall wellbeing. A yearlong online membership costs $50 and includes access to mobile tools.

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