Take Recruitment and Retention Webinars for Free – Limited Time Only!

Is your volunteer or combination department struggling with recruiting new members and keeping the members you have? National numbers show a sharp decline in the number of volunteer fire and EMS personnel over the past 30 years. The NVFC now offers two on-demand training webinars to help departments address and overcome recruitment and retention challenges.

The courses, Recruitment for the Volunteer Emergency Services and Retention for the Volunteer Emergency Services, examine the barriers to recruiting and retaining volunteers and provide potential solutions. These webinars are offered in an on-demand format through the NVFC’s new online training center. Sign up for these courses at https://nvfc.digitalchalk.com. New students must create an account before registering for classes.

The fee for the recruitment and retention courses will be waived at checkout for the first 100 people to take each course, so register today!
Learn more about NVFC training opportunities at www.nvfc.org/training/education/courses.