Stakeholder Input Sought for MitFLG Building Code Strategy Development

The Mitigation Framework Leadership Group is seeking input into a Strategy for the Federal Government to better support the adoption and enforcement of current building codes and standards. This input will be used to develop a strategy to improve efforts by Federal Agencies to support building code development, adoption, and enforcement.  
In order to gather input, the ICC is hosting a series of webinars from January 9-23. Stakeholders are welcome to provide input during the two-hour webinar sessions or anytime in writing through the online webinar sessions open through January 23.  
In order to improve the nation’s resilience and to better prepare the United States for the impacts of natural hazards and resulting disasters, the Hurricane Sandy Rebuilding Strategy Recommendation #25 states: 
RECOMMENDATION: States and localities should adopt and enforce the most current version of the [International Building Code] IBC and the [International Residential Code] IRC.
Ultimately, implementing the most current version of these codes in the design and construction of buildings and other structures means that communities can be better protected from all types of hazards and disasters. Building to these codes will reduce risk, improve building safety, decrease damage, and reduce injuries during future disasters. 
Per the recommendation of the Hurricane Sandy Rebuilding Task Force, the Mitigation Framework Leadership Group (MitFLG) agreed to form a workgroup to develop this strategy. The MitFLG Building Code Workgroup is comprised of Subject Matter Experts from interested departments and agencies. They have been tasked to work collaboratively and innovatively to develop a comprehensive strategy to better support state and local communities with the adoption and enforcement of building codes.
The goal of the MitFLG is to develop a strategy for a comprehensive approach and standard mechanisms for all federal agencies with authorities and responsibilities related to building code adoption and enforcement to encourage and/or aid State and local communities in the nationwide adoption of the most recent International Building Code (IBC), International Residential Building Code (IRC), and other codes that increase resilience.
Webinar Schedule:
The webinar schedule and connection information is as follows:
If you have any questions about the webinars or how to provide input, contact Kevin Long at and he will assist you with joining a webinar session or accessing the link to the online sessions.