Situational Awareness at the Fire Station

Courtesy of EMR-ISAC

Several weeks ago, the EMR-ISAC’s InfoGram newsletter ran a story on securing the fire station against theft. Theft is only part of fire station security, though; suspicious activity is another. Increases in reports of unfamiliar people taking pictures or video of routine activities around stations or asking detailed questions about operations or security have increased in the past few years.

The following activities have been observed and reported around fire stations: suspicious or unusual interest, inappropriate photography, note-taking, drawing of diagrams, and individuals hastily departing when seen or approached.

Theft of emergency vehicles has also been reported in several states, most often as hooliganism. Fire Chief Magazine reminds us stolen emergency vehicles in other countries have been used by terrorists as Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Devices (VBIED) or other terrorist activity.

International events have shown that terrorists and extremists will target groups whose duty it is to protect the public. EMS Village lists several aspects of security to think about when assessing risk to fire service personnel, apparatus, and stations.