Severe Weather Preparedness

By Edward J. Vassallo, FEMA Region III

Severe weather can happen during any season and impact any part of our country. Spring is a time of transition, when late-season snowstorms can impact the East Coast and the Northern Plains, thunderstorms rip across the South and Midwest, rivers overflow their banks, and heat waves begin in the Southwest. Don’t let this dangerous season catch you unaware. Get ready for spring with just a few simple steps: Know Your Risk, Take Action, and Be a Force of Nature.

Communities are better prepared to withstand a disaster and can recover more quickly if the whole community is involved. This means emergency managers, schools, businesses, organizational and community leaders, houses of worship, government officials, and residents must work together. Only with input from all sectors can the community assess its needs and determine the best ways to organize and strengthen its collective assets, capacities, and interests. For tips on getting prepared for any emergency, please visit or America’s PrepareAthon! Your local weather forecast and hazardous weather statements are available at Use the 2016 Severe Weather Awareness Toolkit to help you prepare.

Please encourage friends and family to sign up for local weather alerts or download the FEMA App. The FEMA App contains disaster safety tips, interactive lists for stocking your emergency kit, emergency meeting location information, and other disaster-specific information. The app is free to download through your smart phone provider’s app store on Android, Apple, and Blackberry devices.