September is National Preparedness Month: Start Planning Now

National Preparedness Month is just weeks away. Start planning events and activities now to make sure you, your department, and your community are ready for the next disaster.

This year’s theme is “Disasters Don’t Plan Ahead. You Can.” This concept emphasizes that we should all take action to prepare. Preparedness comes in many forms. As an emergency responder, you need to be personally ready to respond by making sure you are physically and mentally at your best. Your department needs to be ready for all emergencies with proper training and pre-planning. Your community needs to be ready by knowing what to do when disaster strikes.

Here are some resources to help kick-start your National Preparedness Month initiatives.

  • Serve Strong: Make sure you are ready to respond with these health and safety resources from the NVFC.
  • Virtual Classroom: Find training on personal and departmental preparedness, health, safety, and more in the NVFC’s online training center.
  • Make Me A Firefighter: Departments need to have adequate staffing numbers in order to be prepared and ready to respond. This campaign provides free, ready-to-use outreach materials, event ideas, and more to bolster your recruitment efforts.
  • Fire Corps: Fire Corps teams help departments with non-operational activities, such as fire prevention and emergency preparedness programming, department preparedness planning, home safety checks and smoke alarm installations, assisting with disaster drills, and more.
  • Ready Campaign: This national public service advertising campaign provides materials to promote preparedness through public involvement.
  • National Preparedness Month Toolkit: This toolkit contains key marketing and preparedness messaging and graphics to share in your community as well as information on the 2017 weekly themes.
  • America’s PrepareAthon: This grassroots campaign for action is designed to increase community preparedness and resilience. The next national PrepareAthon! Day of Action is September 30. Find 10 ways to participate.
  • Get Ready! Preparing Your Community for a Disaster: The NFPA developed this guide to help firefighters reach members of their communities with essential safety information.
  • Tabletop Preparedness Exercises: FEMA Region II created a series of 12 preparedness scenarios to make sure communities are ready for disasters. These tabletop activities and discussion starters can be used to prepare residents before a disaster strike.