Resources for Mass EMS Incidents

The horrific shooting that took place last month at a movie theater in Aurora, CO, is a tragic reminder that EMS responders may face unexpected events involving multiple fatalities and injuries. Below are just a few of the many resources available for EMS personnel to make sure their department and community are ready in case the worst happens.

Performance Venues – Indicators of Violence and Protective Measures
Homeland Security – National Protection and Programs Directorate, Office of Infrastructure Protection

Operational Templates and Guidance for EMS Mass Care Incident Deployment
U.S. Fire Administration; DHS Office of Health Affairs (OHA); and the National Emergency Medical Services Management Association

Mass Shootings: Planning and Response for Fire and EMS Services
Firefighter Support Foundation

How to Prepare Your Department for Mass Shootings Like in Aurora, Colo.

Fire and EMS Response to Mass Fatality Incidents

Active Shooter: What You Can Do
Federal Emergency Management Agency

Active Shooter: How To Respond
Department of Homeland Security

Active Shooter Awareness Virtual Roundtable
Department of Homeland Security

Bomb Prevention Training
Department of Homeland Security

It is also important to remember that EMTs and firefighters who respond to these mass incidents may need emotional support getting through the aftermath of witnessing such tragedy. The National Volunteer Fire Council has partnered with Treatment Solutions to provide a toll-free hotline that NVFC members and their families can call for immediate assistance with issues such as PTSD, stress, substance abuse, psychological problems, or anything disrupting the member’s work life and overall wellness.  Click here to learn more.