Register for VIP Courses with the National Fire Academy

The National Fire Academy (NFA) offers an intensive six-day educational opportunity designed specifically for volunteer fire and emergency service personnel through the Volunteer Incentive Program (VIP). Since most volunteers can’t take two weeks off for traditional NFA courses, VIP provides volunteers a unique educational opportunity without sacrificing any of the content, quality, and integrity. The NFA covers the cost of travel, lodging, student materials, and books. Applications are still being accepted for several courses for the June and September sessions – apply now!

There are currently still openings in the following courses for the June 23-28 VIP session:

R0816:  Community Education Leadership (VIP)
R0822:  Safety Program Operations (VIP)
R0824:  Management Strategies for Success (VIP)
R0826:  Presenting Effective Public Education Programs (VIP)
R0847:  Emergency Medical Services:  Incident Operations (VIP)

Applications are also being accepted for courses for the September 8-13 VIP session. These courses include:

R0811:  Fire Cause Determination for Company Officers (VIP)
R0814:  Hazardous Materials for Incident Management (VIP)
R0815:  Challenges for Local Training Officers (VIP)
R0816:  Community Education Leadership (VIP)
R0823:  Leading Community Fire Prevention (VIP)
R0827:  Fire Protection Systems for Emergency Operations (VIP)
R0831:  Command and Control of Incident Operations (VIP)
R0833:  Leadership Strategies for Community Risk Reduction (VIP)
R0847:  Emergency Medical Services: Incident Operations (VIP)

Applications are still being considered for these courses despite the initial application deadline. Interested applicants can forward their completed applications to:

Office of Admissions, Building I, Room 216
National Emergency Training Center
16825 South Seton Avenue
Emmitsburg, MD 21727-8998
(800) 238-3358, ext. 1035 or
(301) 447-1035
FAX (301) 447-1441

Learn more about VIP and access the application at