Register for Safety and Health Week Webinars

The National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC) has partnered with L&T Health and Fitness, an award-winning fitness and health management company, to provide a series of four behavioral health webinars during the 2013 International Fire/EMS Safety and Health Week. Registration is now open for the webinars.

Safety and Health Week is an annual campaign that encourages all fire and EMS departments to suspend non-emergency activity to focus on safety and health training and education. Sponsored by the International Association of Fire Chiefs and the NVFC, the theme of this year’s event is “Saving our Own…An Inside Job.” This theme focuses on behavioral health and the importance of responders looking out for their own and each other’s mental and physical well-being.

Safety and Health Week will be held June 16-22. All departments and personnel are asked to participate in activities that focus on critical fire service behavioral health issues. Attend the webinars as part of your Safety and Health Week activities. Find additional tools, resources, and planning materials to participate in Safety and Health Week at

Below is the Safety and Health Week webinar schedule. Register at in the Upcoming Sessions tab under Live Sessions. All courses are instructed by staff from L&T Health and Fitness.

Brotherhood vs. Parenthood: Finding your Life Balance
Monday, June 17 at 1pm EDT
Instructor: Michelle Detwiler
This webinar looks at all the roles a volunteer firefighter plays throughout their lives. From your role as an employee to spouse to parent to firefighter, how do you emphasize the importance, purpose, and balance of each role? This webinar will help you identify strategies for prioritizing each aspect of your life to help you achieve balance and time management.

Using your Lifeline: Disease Management for a Stronger, Longer Life
Tuesday, June 18 at 2pm EDT
Instructor: Liz Credi
Heart disease is the number one cause of line-of-duty death in the fire service. Heart disease has many risk factors and just as many preventive strategies. This webinar will help you identify your current risk and present tools for management of your current risk factors and prevention of developing future risk factors to help you live healthier.
Putting Out the Fire: Stress Resilience Strategies
Wednesday, June 19 at 1pm EDT
Instructor: Leslie Williams
Stress is an underlying risk factor that affects a majority of the population, especially first responders. Can you identify your current stressors? Do you know what types of stressors exist? Do you know the types of stressors to which you are susceptible? This webinar helps you key in on the types of stressors most prominent for firefighters and how to successfully manage stress as it arises.
Injury Prevention for the Fireground
Thursday, June 20 at 2pm EDT
Instructor: Ryan Campbell
Strains, sprains, low back pain… Learn how to limit the occurrence of these types of injuries on the fireground. This webinar identifies physical training, flexibility, and ergonomic movement strategies that can help increase a firefighter’s ability to perform their duties more efficiently.