Register for FREE Webinar: Particulate Blocking Hoods – How to Evaluate Your Choices

The National Volunteer Fire Council and W.L. Gore & Associates are providing a free webinar on Thursday, September 27, at 2pm ET on Particulate Blocking Hoods – How to Evaluate Your Choices. In addition to the webinar, one participating NVFC member will win five hoods, provided by W.L. Gore & Associates.

In the past few years, there has been growing concern about firefighter exposure to potentially harmful particulates at the fireground. One solution to reduce this exposure has been the introduction of particulate blocking hoods.

A new standard for particulate hoods was included in the NFPA 1971, 2018 edition. This webinar will provide firefighters information on that new standard and explain how particulate blocking hoods are tested and evaluated by certification agencies such as UL. The webinar will also cover other performance measures, including FAST (florescent particle) testing and durability testing, plus additional features that the firefighter should consider when choosing a particulate blocking hood.

Register for the webinar now. One registered NVFC member will be randomly selected to win five hoods provided by W.L. Gore & Associates – a $450 value! Not a member? Join to be eligible for the hood give-away.