Register for Free Ethanol Emergency Response Webinars

TRANSCAER and the Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) are hosting a series of free Ethanol Emergency Response webinars as well as a train-the-trainer webinar. These courses are being offered online due to the pandemic and current social distancing guidelines. Take advantage of this special opportunity to get this important training online.

Ethanol Emergency Response Webinar

RFA has conducted nearly 300 in person ethanol safety seminars across the country. Due to current circumstances and social distancing, the RFA will be offering four-hour long ethanol safety webinars. These webinars are instructed by a nationally accredited instructor with an extensive background in emergency management, firefighting, and hazardous materials response.

The goal of these webinars is for attendees to gain a full ethanol and ethanol-blended fuel emergency response training experience that can be put to use immediately in the field. The training program includes the following elements: ethanol and ethanol-blended fuels, chemical and physical characteristics of ethanol and hydrocarbon fuels, transportation and transfer, storage and dispensing locations, firefighting foam principles, general health and safety considerations, and storage and pre-planning considerations. Certificates of participation will be awarded to all registered attendees once the webinar has been completed.

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Train the Trainer – Ethanol Emergency Response Webinar

 RFA also offers Train the Trainer – Ethanol Emergency Response webinars, which is a pay-it-forward type of program. A single webinar can train a group of individuals who can then turn around and pass that information forward, equipping entire communities with the knowledge necessary to respond to any potential ethanol-related emergency. The train-the-trainer courses are intended to develop instructors to lead operations level training. The instructors are responders who have an awareness level of hazardous material storage, handing, and emergency response.

The webinars are open to all professional individuals above the technical level of training who are interested in learning how to teach ethanol emergency response. However, the instruction is tailored toward emergency responders, firefighters, police officers, emergency management professionals, ethanol production facility employees, ethanol safety professionals, railroad safety professionals, etc. Certificates of participation will be awarded to all registered attendees once the webinar has been completed.

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