Public Comment Sought on Patient Decontamination in a Mass Chemical Exposure Incident

The Federal Register Notice is now published requesting public comment on the “Patient Decontamination in a Mass Chemical Exposure Incident: National Planning Guidance for Communities.” 
This guidance document is developed for senior leaders, planners, incident commanders, emergency management personnel, and trainers of local response organizations and health care facilities. It contains strategic-level, evidence-based best practices for use when planning and conducting patient decontamination in a mass chemical casualty event. The subject matter is focused on external decontamination of living people exposed to toxic industrial chemicals, toxic industrial materials, or chemical warfare agents resulting from either an intentional or accidental release.
Click here to review the Federal Register Notice. Deadline for comments is Monday, May 19, 2014

The document is posted on (Docket Number: DHS-2014-0012), where reviewers may provide comments online.