Provide Public Comment on Nomenclature of the EMS Profession Draft White Paper by 10/25

Earlier this year, representatives from EMS stakeholder organizations, including the National Volunteer Fire Council, gathered to discuss how the EMS profession describes itself and its activities. The meeting was convened by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Office of EMS and the Health Resources and Services Administration’s EMS for Children in response to three recommendations that were made in 2017 by the National EMS Advisory Council:

  1. The Federal Interagency Committee on EMS (FICEMS) and the Department of Transportation (DOT) should officially recognize and use the term “paramedicine” to describe the distinct discipline and profession which has emerged within the out of hospital health care field, moving forward.
  2. FICEMS and DOT should officially recognize and promulgate an all-inclusive standard generic term nationally to describe all health care providers performing within the field of paramedicine, regardless of certification or licensure.
  3. FICEMS and DOT should establish a Multidisciplinary Stakeholders Workgroup to create a nomenclature framework and develop a work plan to address the designation of provider level nomenclature.

Based on the workgroup discussions, a draft white paper was developed. The following is the conclusion of the white paper:

“The Nomenclature of the EMS Profession stakeholder working [group] discussed issues that strike at the heart of what the profession is and what it will become. While there was no consensus, there were several organizations that expressed interest in further discussing the issue and potentially finding middle ground. At the same time, some organizations made it clear that considering any nomenclature changes or additions at this time was unnecessary.

“What was agreed upon was that regardless of terminology, EMS stakeholders should find ways to work together to ensure our partners in healthcare and public safety, as well as the public, better understand what EMS is and the value it provides.”

Anyone wishing to provide comments on the summary document can download it here and send feedback via email to Comments referring to specific portions of the draft should use the page and line numbers for reference. Visit the project webpage on for the more information.